About us

About us

Our showroom was born with the desire to create a pleasant and comfortable place where every guest could feel at home, surrounded by an atmosphere of familiarity and love for beauty.

The choice of this philosophy reflects the essence and root behind this project: we are a family, the Nuccio family.

Father, mother and two daughters, a typical Italian family with an innate passion for beauty, artisanship and everything that Apulian know-how represents in the world.


Different paths that have led to a common result in constant evolution, because what represents us is an incessant flow of new ideas and cultural starting points.

Father Leonardo traveled the world representing the Apulian manufacture in men's fashion, he was acquainted with and let us be acquainted with aspects and concepts of life so different than ours that we could hardly have known without him and from which we could not have taken inspiration if it were for his tenacity. He raised us to live the world, not just our small reality. Customers love his way of explaining the differences between fabrics, the details of the tailoring of a suit, the kindness with which he welcomes them and the willingness to fulfill every request.

The freedom to express ourselves that our parents granted us led me, Melissa, the eldest daughter, to a natural inclination for languages and subsequently for marketing and economics; the accounting and order management section is what I deal with, never neglecting direct contact with the customers who come to visit us every day and, fortunately, come back.

On the other hand, Vanessa has always been the creative and brilliant spirit of the family, a determined young woman capable of transforming a scrap of fabric into a precious collector's item. She is responsible for the aesthetics of our Showroom, from the social image to the physical one and the creation of our website. Her window displays are now of public interest and the precision with which she takes care of every detail leaves every visitor speechless.

We like to think that Leonardo Nuccio Showroom is not just a place to buy a shirt or a tailored suit, but it is and will increasingly become a place for cultural exchange and discussion where people who love beauty and elegance meet for a moment of pleasant erudition.

We have many projects and we hope to be able to realize them all thanks to your support!

Ad maiora semper,

Melissa Nuccio