A building from 1768 is the perfect setting to best express the history, sophistication and attention to detail of the garments chosen and made for our showroom.

A large arcade and an impressive portal are floridly decorated by angels and putti, works of the eighteenth century stonecutter Francesco Morgese. The highest point of the frontal decoration is made up by two winged angelic heads, which are a source of inspiration and became part of the brand logo.

The entrance to the showroom is handcrafted in wrought iron, the rust color seems to mix with the historical importance of the building with simple and clean lines that allow a wide inward view.

A bond of arches, barrel vaults and recesses carved in the thick centuries-old masonry leave the visitor enchanted and overwhelmed by the elegance and sinuosity of the lines that guide the gaze along the entire path.

The interior decor completes and exalts the architecture through pieces of antiques of rare beauty, poor art that becomes luxury and refinement. Every single piece of furniture is carefully designed and positioned to create an atmosphere that evokes calmness and comfort, making every customer feel at home and allowing everyone to fully enjoy this experience in total relaxation.