Bespoke Experience

The Jacket

The choice and creation of a real bespoke outerwear is a real “experience”.

Outfit estivo uomo con giacca in lino beige, camicia cotone bianca, pantalone cotone rosso, cintura in pelle intrecciata e cravatta in seta regimental

It all comes from the fabric, strictly Italian: Vitale Barberis Canonico, Tessilstrona, Drapers, Loro Piana, Zegna. The performance of these fabrics is excellent given the softness, elasticity and thermal insulation of the wool; from the Super 120’S until the Super 180’S, choose the fineness that best meets your needs and preference.

Pure cashmere for lovers of luxury: jackets with soft lines and impeccable fit. Wearing a pure cashmere unlined jacket will be like having a second skin that perfectly follows every movement of the body.

The right choice for every season! Pure Bellora linen for the hottest days or fresh, light and precious fabrics in linen – cotton – silk blend for an outfit both casual and luxurious.

Let yourself be guided by the experience and knowledge of the Nuccio family in choosing the model and the details of your jacket; from lapel to pockets, from vents to buttons and linings, the customization is complete and aims to achieve the perfect, “tailor-made” result for you.

The completely Apulian manufacture enhances the value of the jacket and the attention given to every single detail heightens its quality: hand-stitched sleeves, real and open buttonholes, “bateau” breast pockets and more.

The Trousers

The production of tailored trousers aims to surprise you with an excellent fit that perfectly follows the morphology of your body and respects its volumes.

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to find the perfect fit in a standard pair of trousers and this is why we offer you different models among which you will be able to select the one that is closer to your demands.

From the classic slim fit to the regular fit, from trousers with one pleat to those with two pleats in order to give a suitable fit to the hips. There are many and different details to linger on, and each one will be illustrated and explained according to its function: hem or cuff at the bottom, hem width, pocket inclination and much more.

The chosen model will be made following the measurements of your body in order to reach the perfect “aplomb” and give harmony to the whole figure.

In the end we will guide you towards the choice of the best Italian fabrics and it will then be sewn in our Apulian workshops.

The Vest

In the seventeenth century Gilles, a character of the French popular theater, entered the scene with a kind of sleeveless jacket. That Gilles’ garment, from which we want to descend the word vest, inspired its birth and characterizes it as a luxury garment.

Even today, centuries later, the vest remains a must-have in the wardrobe of a man who wants to stand out and give a touch of class to the outfit.

You wear it under a suit during a ceremony or with a shirt and pleated trouser for a more dandy look: a vest is more fashionable than ever.

There are basically two models, single-breasted and double-breasted, declined in the three variations: smooth, with classic lapels or with shawl collar. You can complete your vest by choosing the fabric, internal and external lining, pockets, buttons and with the combination of a beautiful hand-sewn silk handkerchief.

The Shirt

The shirt is a basic garment for both male and female clothing; although it has existed for centuries its contemporary version derives from the elegant and formal connotation given by the nineteenth century bourgeoisie.

Lord Brummel, the greatest exponent of dandyism, dictated the style of that time and always wore shirts with perfectly clean and starched collars and cuffs as a distinctive feature of the true dandy.

Today it is an essential garment for every man, and it is the circumstance to set the difference among fabrics, patterns, colors and details.

The collar is the detail that establishes the formality of the shirt and you will be able to choose from a series of models that we will show you; other important parts that can be customized are the cuffs, the button arrangement, the type of buttons and the fit.

A final touch of class will be added by the hand-embroidered initials, whose font, color and position will be yours to decide.

We have a wide range of excellent fabrics from the most prestigious weaving factories such as Canclini, Albini, Thomas Mason and more, up to the strong point of our showroom: the highly prized fabrics by Carlo Riva. This is an historical weaving factory that still uses the now obsolete shuttle weavings of the early twentieth century and that literally lets the fabrics rest for more than a year in controlled environments before placing them on the market.